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 moonlitcroatiaHi! Moonlitecroatia and TriAm. Welcome, Wow, you live in Washington...02-27-03
 iêu người nhớn tuổi...Trui oi, Có vợ bé thì vợ lớn đỡ khổ sở, hai người...02-26-03
 What is love????It's all Shakespeare's fault. Bởi vì ông Shakespeare viết...02-26-03
 What is love???? uống thuốc chuột ?? Có lẽ, hai người bị bệnh...02-25-03
 tìm từ điễn thông...Babetx, try this website http://www.ksvn.com/anhviet_new.htm02-19-03
 xin chào các bạnChao Babetx va Emdatinh Hope you have fun. 02-18-03
 abcDay la ly do cua Fall: Ngay 21 thang 3, Fall hoc song Dai Hoc. ...02-18-03
 Fable - I, St ValentineTo evol , my dearest love I remember our trip to the ocean shore, ...02-12-03
 What is love????"what love gotta do with it?" 02-11-03
 The way you speak so softly...Fall co nhieu "group projects", nên phai làm bài tập nhiều....02-09-03
 chiện dợ chồng :DBattle of the sexes. BTW, Mailfish...traitor!! hehe 02-07-03
 Lá Riêu Bông nèNhìn giống rau răm....hay là rau muống, ma Fall had for dinner...02-06-03
 The way you speak so softly... I thought I got Omega, but Adie got me back for good ^_^ 02-06-03
 The way you speak so softly...hehe, how do you know that is the picture of a bar gurl? Maybe...you...02-05-03
 Love !! at night with A slee...HL, Cái hình đó nhìn sợ quá!!02-04-03
 Hello everyone, Ím very...Hi! Welcome to VM! Have fun 02-02-03
 a real life love storyhehe....I lied. Yea, men like women who are younger. As long as...01-30-03
 a real life love storyHehe, , Age is nothing but a number right?TriAm ...01-29-03
 a real life love storyHEy! The guy that she is looking for... was me! I better email her.....I...01-28-03
 my art collectionpoke this eyes? Hehe, how does a blind person fall in love...01-17-03
 my art collectionI saw a poor Vietnamese painter on a documentary vidẹo He still...01-16-03
 Reasons why man ...Reasons why man should wear pants It should be ...01-15-03
 best 10 films of 2002Fall coi phim "Heaven & Earth" the other day. My eyes had water,...01-15-03
 Robo làm thơThe fonts messed up when i use that prog....maybe íts ...01-14-03
 my art collectionYeah, I've been to some, but I haven't seen any famous painting in...01-11-03
 1 O_o Going back to VN by himself..? He is going to try to screw...01-10-03
 my art collectionI guess I like modern intense graphic pictures than 2-D black and...01-10-03
 How to use ATM ...Hi Babi! Fall was on Christmas break. Trở lại trường học...01-09-03
 How to use ATM ...that's why women should not be in charge when it comes to money ...01-08-03
 Men are like ...I wonder what type of woman wrote this. You didn't write that, did...01-07-03
 mại yô mại yô ...I have the same problem, i don't think it's you.12-12-02
 HomelessLOL! I read this before, still kind funny. I think I read it from...12-11-02
 Beauty Womens... but Trick...Hehe, HL should put Garfield next to her. 12-10-02
 Japan in 4 daysWow. Very beautiful. Fall cũng rất thích đi thăm cảnh,...12-06-02
 True FriendsJulie cũng không có thể "hang out" với bạn? Bạn gái?...12-03-02
 Ngăn cách, help please...I don't know how to explain it better. Basically, you have to...12-02-02
 Ngăn cách, help please...Try www.kazaalite.com download it and follow the instruction. ...12-01-02
 True FriendsHi Julie! Julie còn có gặp bạn cũ High School không? Khi...12-01-02
 True Friends...are there to cheer you up.11-27-02
 Thanksgiving Turkey!Trùi oi, sau khi nhìn hình Turkey cua Adie, Fall sẽ không giám...11-26-02
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