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 Check these out....funny...what is up ? vidolaem09-19-10
 Think....there I fix it!tai sao co toi hai nguoi "vidolaem" ??dzay09-16-10
 Think....there I fix it!hi "vi do la em"09-15-10
 Welcome all New ...oh, cung gan thọi chac babi o gan duong Balwin(Home Depot huh)....07-21-10
 Welcome all New ...Baby o thanh pho nảo vi Los Angeles county lon lam, NTT o gan chua...07-02-10
 Welcome all New ...NTT moi sign up thui, thay Babi dzui dzuui nen said hi, Babi o dau...06-09-10
 Welcome all New ...Hi babie, babie lan ky qua, hay babie khong vao chat room de 8 dzoi...05-30-10
 Welcome all New ...hi babie04-11-10

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