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 TOPIC: Hello everyone, Ím very new and clueless how to type!!![TO BOTTOM] 

jade phoenix
date: 01-31-03
time: 11:32:45
total posts: 1

Hello everyone, it is so great to find a vietnamese dedicated site! I am in the UK, london, please leave a message and say hello. My vietnamese is fairly terrible and am slowly working out how to type in vietnamese on here...any advices would be great! So Happy New year everyone, take care, be good. Chat soon!
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date: 01-31-03
time: 22:21:13
total posts: 1961

hí lô jade phoenix, welcome to vm tự, you can click on the [V] button on top right to learn how to type vietnamese, no need to download anything

trong này sạch sẽ, mát mẻ và... ít người có ghẻ hee hee, happy new year
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date: 01-31-03
time: 22:58:53
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Hello Jade

Welcome to VM, hope you will find so much of fun in here and make lots of new and good friends, stop by our chatroom sometime hehehhe

Happy New Year to you tooooo
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date: 02-01-03
time: 01:29:04
total posts: 253

Hi Jade
Ngày xuân có thêm bạn mới thiệt là mừng
be our family in VM chùa heheh

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date: 02-02-03
time: 10:18:40
total posts: 114

Hi! Welcome to VM!
Have fun
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