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 TOPIC: Ebook reader for vietnamese[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-29-10
time: 19:31:47
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It reads pretty much any format out therẹ But the best thing about this is I have been able to put Vietnamese on there for my parents. Been using it for a while and it works great. And it only costs about $100. I have attached a picture showing the ereader in vietnamese language.

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date: 04-30-10
time: 07:57:53
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It looks much nicer than the Kindle, and much less expensive. From the picture I can see it renders Viet characters quite well. I hear the Sony Reader still has problems showing unicode.

Is this Ebook Reader back lit or does it have "paper technology" like the Sony Reader where you can read outside in the sun also ?

Thank you for sharing livingenzyme.
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date: 04-30-10
time: 08:53:53
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You can read it outside in the sun. There's no back lit. I have read dozens of books on this thing. No eye strain at all. I have found no difference between this thing and ink on paper.

Don't get the kindle, nook, or other expensive ereaders. They all seem to have problems with displaying unicode. They're expensive because you can go online with them and listen to mp3. I already have an iphone and ipod to do all those things.

The nice thing about this ereader is it has an SD slot so you can put as much memory in there as you like. It's expandable up to 32 gig.

The jetbook lite works on a linux based operating system. I'm a techie, so I have been playing around with it and trying to push its limits. If anyone decides to get this, drop me a line for some help if you need it.

PS - No, I don't work for Ectaco or one of their distributers. No, I don't make any money advertising this device. I'm a reading addict and I know a lot of vietnamese people that like to read ebooks but can't find a good but inexpensive ereader that could read honest to god vietnamese characters.
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hiêp sĩ cụt tay
date: 05-05-10
time: 10:15:10
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How about newegg ? Do you work for newegg ? I'm just messing with you man.

This is a perfect gift for my dad for father's day. I like it that it supports epub, mobi, prc. Between those 3 formats you can get pretty much any books out there. And it runs on regular batteries.
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date: 05-09-10
time: 22:00:22
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Nope, don't work for any of those guys. I'm just an enthusiast.

Working on a website right now that will allow you to download directly vietnamese ebooks of all kinds in the file format that will definitely work 100% on the jetbook series. As far as I know, the jetbook and jetbook lite are the only ebook readers out there that shows non-western characters correctly, including arabic and farsi.

Well, the main point of the website is for me to post my online novel. The secondary point of it is to provide the one place where our people can pick and choose what they want to read and download the files for their ebook reader. It's like a library, you know? I already have about 180 books up for download. Very easy to navigate and you can download directly from the page. You don't have to jump through hoops or look through a sea of ads.

Right now, there aren't really that many places where you can easily navigate and easily download books of various topics that you want to read. I want to change that. Hopefully, my site's traffic will pick up.
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date: 12-16-10
time: 13:01:29
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This jetBook-Lite ebook reader and the Kindle are too small. They are the same size as a paperback book. If you are used to reading hardcover books you won't like them. And they are not backlit so you can't use them to read in the dark. The only thing I like about them is they are very light.

I'm sticking with my RCA ebook reader (for books) and Fujitsu Stylistic tablet PC (for comics). Saving up money for the iPad

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date: 12-29-10
time: 13:52:40
total posts: 49

Just got the Nookcolor for Christmas. It has a beautiful color touch screen. You can listen to music, play chess, view your photo gallery, go online and alot more. You can even softroot it and install android games and apps. This baby is like a mini iPad. Oh yeah, you can read Viet ebooks with it too

Seriously, I don't know why anyone would bother with the Kindle...
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date: 01-04-11
time: 12:44:15
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how do you download ebooks from this website to kinkdle or nook?
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date: 01-05-11
time: 18:49:06
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Welcome to vm tự kolvir

You can find the info you need in this tutorial:

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