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 TOPIC: Bend It Like Beckham

date: 05-10-03
time: 11:19:58
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David Beckham is the most well known athlete in the world... except in America. Most people in America don't even know who the heck he is. We americans are so devoid of what is going on in the rest of the world and then we whine "Why does everyone hate us ?" heheh, but enough for wise ass social commentary, this is a film critique

Jess, a teenage Indian girl living in south London, is a tomboy who idolizes and daydreams about David Beckham. Much against her mother's wish for her to be a "proper" young lady, Jess sneaks out of the house everyday to play soccer in a girls team. Not only that, she does something that is even more shocking and forbidden, she falls in love with her cute white coach. Oh my gosh heheh. On her sister's wedding's day (what is it about Indian movies and weddings) Jess has to choose between playing in her championship game where she will be watched by a scout from America or ... be at the wedding and make her family happy. Tough choice right ? What will she do ? Go and find out yourself heheh

"Bend It Like Beckham" is a very charming and funny movie. After watching it I realized 2 things : 1. how big David Beckham is and 2. tomboys are cute heheh
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date: 05-10-03
time: 22:15:26
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...you should be a movie critic
First chow yun fat and now this

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