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 TOPIC: Green Dragon[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 05-12-02
time: 19:22:39
total posts: 1961

when you are watching a movie and you keep asking yourself "damn when is this movie going to end?", and when Patrick Swayze is the best actor in the movie it has got to be a pretty shitty movie, well... Green Dragon is a pretty shitty movie

don't waste your time and money, if you want to see a good vietnamese movie go rent "Vertical Ray Of The Sun", it is out on Video and DVD.

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date: 05-16-02
time: 03:00:54
total posts: 121

Have you seen 3 Seasons fish & @?
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date: 05-16-02
time: 04:26:33
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yes fish saw 3 seasons a long time ago, the acting and editing in 3 seasons are pretty bad too, except for Harvey Keitel of course, but the cinematography in 3 seasons is excellent and the script is much better written than green dragron, 3 seasons shows Viet Nam as it is, whereas green dragon shows camp pendleton as it wasn't

green dragon is so awfully pretentious, the director tries too hard to jerk your tears that he misses the point completely, if you want to make movies about life, make it REAL, at camp pendleton, there were viet whores selling themselves to american soldiers in phone booths, there were mistreatments on viet people, if you want to make a movie about life, show it as it was, we don't want to see a pretty picture, we want to see the REAL picture, terribe terrible movie...
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