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 TOPIC: Christmas 2009 Movie Reviews[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 12-24-09
time: 23:57:58
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I wasn't going to see this movie. I didn't want to see it knowing that the director was James Cameron, the man who's responsible for one of the worst movies ever put on screen - Titanic. But the choices for this Holiday seasons are slim. All the foreign film theaters and independent art houses were closed today (Christmas eve). I wanted to catch a flick so... what the hell I went to see Avatar (in 3D).

As expected, the plot is your typical feel good formulaic cookie cutter that Hollywood uses over and over because they know the idiot moviegoers will fall for it again and again. The recycled plot being: The evil white men go into native territory and decide to push them out and take their land. But there's one guy in the white man race (usually handsome) who falls in love with a pretty native girl (usually the chief's daughter) which pisses off the number 1 tribe warrior (usually ugly but buff). This love smitten guy then betrays his race and helps the natives defend themselves. Now, how many time have you seen this ? Of course, the natives in Avatar are the aliens on planet Pandora, and the white men are...white men, still as evil as ever .

With all that said, 10 minutes into the movies I thought "this movie is not bad, quite enjoyable actually." The special effects are awesome (done by Weta, the same people who did effects for The Lord of the Rings). The planet Pandora with its alien terrain and foliage and creatures are breathtakingly beautiful. In some parts, the CGI aliens move like characters in PC games but they look real enough to be believable. And yes there's a short alien sex scene .

Also it doesn't hurt to have a competent cast, leading by Sigourney Weaver (still looks hot). Catch this movie if you want some Holiday entertainment without expecting an intelligent story.

I'm going to see another movie tomorrow. Be back with the review .
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date: 12-28-09
time: 00:33:35
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Sherlock Holmes

I literally fell asleep during this movie. What a boring mess it is. The comedic parts are not funny. The action scenes are lame. The story is disjointed and incoherent.The supposedly witty Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) tumbles around like a babbling drunk fool half of the time. Nothing works in this movie. What happened to Guy Ritchie ? He used to be a very good director ( "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "Snatch" ). Then... Madonna married him, chewed him up, spitted him out and left him all shriveled up and talentless.

Totally skip this one. If you want to see some good Sherlock Holmes movies, look for the old BBC series they used to show on public television .
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date: 01-13-10
time: 18:23:57
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Good review Fish! I haven't seen Sherlock Holmes but saw Avatar, I probably would fall asleep like you LOL.

Like you said, Avatar just a typical love story, wouldn't be surprise if the director is the same with titanic but the effect is a mazing, it's so real and very pretty. Although it's still not worth the long lines and wait for hours just to get in that's just my opinion.

Happy new year!
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date: 01-18-10
time: 13:54:47
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I agree adie. It's not worth wating in line for Avatar. Though I think when it comes out on DVD, the Special Features will be even better than the movie itselt. I would love to see how they did the animation .
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date: 02-10-10
time: 23:00:59
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Íve seen both movies & enjoyed both ..maybe Ím just easy to please

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date: 02-11-10
time: 16:59:26
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welcome back nốt nhạt ! nốt nhác dạo này vẫn khoẻ chứ ?
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date: 02-21-10
time: 21:58:53
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Cám ơn Fish NN vẩn khỏe a ...còn Fish thế nào rồi ? NN cũng mến chào Adie luôn thể
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