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date: 12-12-01
time: 22:02:50
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I always have a dream
A dream I wish it would come true
And wish it will come in reality

I need love from someone like you
When I walk alone along the beach
Under the moon up in the sky

But my tears only filled with me
How long do I have to walk alone?
To have you travel in my way

I dreaming of you always
I dream of you kissing me
Do you dream the same way?

I am willing to wait forever
No matter how long I would walk
I am willing to wait on the way

Hope when I woke up from the dream
You will appear in of my eyes

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date: 12-13-01
time: 11:06:30
total posts: 1961

I hope babi's knight in shinny armor would giddy up his horse and get to babi soon so she doesn't have to promenade sur la mer seulement
very lovely poem babi ...
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date: 12-13-01
time: 19:20:23
total posts: 601

hihihii mailfish.. hong có gì lam`.. o day lam` thơ không dó mà`.. thanks for reply nhe and have fun reading nha...

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