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 TOPIC: The Da Vinci Code[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 01-30-05
time: 06:11:24
total posts: 1961

"The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown has been on the Los Angeles Times bestsellers list for 96 weeks, at number 2 this week. That's almost 2 years. And "The Da Vinci Code Special Illustarted Edition" is also on the list this week at number 7. Isn't that crazy?

A few months ago I decided to find out what all this commotion was about and read the book... well half of it (I didn't buy the book mind you). I never did find out what happens at the end. I don't care to. The book is boring, formilaic, predictable and badly written. On top of that Tom Hanks has signed on to play the lead in the movie version... what a sellout!

Is America that shallow or I just have different taste ?
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date: 10-30-05
time: 20:34:10
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Read the newspaper today, the da vinci code is not on the los angeles bestsllers list anymore ... hoorayyyyyy!

Now I'm going to boycott the movie, anyone join me ?
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date: 01-16-06
time: 08:28:08
total posts: 1961

what the hell !!!! this damn book is on the LA Times bestsellers list again, at No. 2. why do people keep reading this stupid book ?

to add salt to my injury i've just found out that my girl Audrey Tatou is starring as the french girl in the movie version. this is really breaking my heart. sure she hasn't made a watchable film since Amelie, but is that any cause for selling out to hollywood ? (shaking my head)
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