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date: 03-28-03
time: 20:18:50
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Brown Eyes

As I sit here in this crowded room, the waves of laughter shift with time as the tide in the dawn.

The people bloom forth in each one's particular radiant beauty, as do daisies kissing the spring.

But my only thoughts are of your brown eyes. Those that looked at the world with innocence, truth and honestly spoke to me in the language of friendship or so I thought my eyes have heard it. Two visual spheres resting, abiding in their sea of brown - - that entered into the mind of a child but clasped the soul of a man. So unprotected, unknowing... they see hate, they tear in sadness, they close to darkness.

Yet in the shadows of night, your eyes light my way to happy. I find my path through confusion by dipping into my memory and painting the picture of care so often shown - - yet not meant to be - - in your eyes.

As I prepare to leave the crowded room, now filled with smoky haze and deafening voices, I keep remembering the words that accompanied the look... the look in your eyes
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date: 12-06-03
time: 21:43:55
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sis, íts been a long time, heheeh where have you been, sis hong con on yahoo nua ha heheeh, how is everything á, and how was your thanksgiving, heheheeh I am so behide á heheehh, long time hong có vo day, heheeh vo lai rui, hinh nhu la hong thay ai het, heheeheh
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date: 05-18-11
time: 02:48:12
total posts: 4

wow.. nice work.
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