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 TOPIC: who is the liar ?[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-06-02
time: 18:53:05
total posts: 94

okay..so there are three guys.

The first one says: if I tell lies, noone will know.

The second guy says: if the first guy is a liar, the third guy will be a liar tọo

The third one says: if who says the first guy is a liar, he tells the truth.

so..the question is..who is a liar..
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date: 07-24-02
time: 19:12:24
total posts: 31

um.........I gues íts the third guy... I am not sure though
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date: 07-29-02
time: 16:31:38
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Hmm.... so who's the liar here?..let me see... could it be the first guy ?
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date: 06-06-04
time: 14:34:50
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None of them are lying ... yet...

The first guy is simply stating a fạct. The 2nd and 3rd guy quotes is just an assumption... You cant really say that they are lying.

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