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 TOPIC: Adam & Eva ![TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-30-03
time: 09:56:23
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Khi Eva nhỏng nhẽo !!
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date: 04-30-03
time: 12:26:20
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Haha...hồi đó có lá chuối sao á
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date: 05-01-03
time: 16:41:00
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Adam đang nhìn wa nhìn lại coi có cái hố nào thẩy Eva xuống gùi ... đi nhậu phải hông Thường Sơn heheh

í cái đó đâu phải lá chuối HL, hình như lá bồ đề á
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date: 05-02-03
time: 06:36:44
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All About Adam

Wandering dejectedly in The Garden of Eden, Eve told God, "I'm lonely I'm tired of eating apples by myself."

"Okay," God said, "I'll create a man for you."

Eve said, "A man! What's that?"

"He's a creature with aggressive tendencies and an enormous ego. He won't listen very well, he'll get lost easily, but never stop to ask for directions. However, he is big and strong, he can open jars and hunt animals. And he'll be fun in bed."

"Sounds great!" said Eve.

"Oh, and one more thing," God said. "He will want to believe that I made HIM first."

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date: 05-02-03
time: 10:03:55
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