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 TOPIC: New Chat features[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 06-03-02
time: 15:25:24
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Hello Members,

In the last few months we've got so many requests to include smileys (emoticons) in Chat. Well, after 5 days of rigorous coding, it is finally HERE .
You can now smile, pull a face, offer a drink, send a rose or... dzê in Chat with style hihi. Come by the Chat rooms to check it out. This script is brand new, right off the java compiler, so if you see any bug please post it in the feedback forum.
Also, at the suggestion of @, the new Chat script allows guests to choose their Chat ID which makes it alot easier to chat when there are so many of them in the room.
Next, we are going to work on vm Member list and then maybe Private Chat ? But for now I'm going to take a long long break from java. My brain cells hurt .
Nhân tiện đây, vm muốn cảm ơn những bạn thành viên đã bỏ ít nhiều thời giờ để type truyện và sửa chính tả cho tủ sách vm. We now have posted several books that are exclusive on our web site. You can find them nowhere else on the net.
Thank you all for making our effort worth while.

vm admin

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date: 06-03-02
time: 20:13:47
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Wow... Well-done, admin!

Million thanks for spending time on satisfying our requests. Relax... From now on, guys can "thả dzê" in VM chat. Of course... gals should be more careful with this "tà tâm"

I saw "xà rông" and "lão ngoan đồng" those who chose to log in as guests in VM chat. Well... Admin allows us “thay hình đổi dạng” to do something bad but nobody knows Come on…

Thanks to members, hoping so much that VM would be a place to share all things.

Having fun!

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date: 06-04-02
time: 01:49:56
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Hello Gió,

admin does not allow anyone to do anything that they could not do before. Those who have "ý đồ" could log in as guests before. The only difference is that they have chat ID now. As you notice guests are still signified with guest icon and avatar. It is more personable and friendly with a chat ID instead of a guest number don't you think ? Không ai qua được mặt Gió đâu, đừng có lo

vm admin
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date: 06-04-02
time: 02:27:02
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khè khè, kiện cáo gì á gío?
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date: 06-12-02
time: 15:29:09
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yeah aron and anh hai tư nhiên log in as guess làm chi rữa á thiệt tình thấy ghét mà
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