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 TOPIC: Welcome vm Members[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 11-19-01
time: 19:28:36
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Hello vm Members,

After months of planning, designing and developing, vietmessenger.com is finally launched to the public. Viet Messenger is the first website in the world where users can send email and post messages in Vietnamese without the use of Viet fonts or any external program.

Our aim is to provide free communication services for Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese to interact online using Vietnamese and English languages.
If you have Viet poems (or English) to share or wish to express your opinion on any issue, you can post them here on vm Message Board. Messages can be posted in Vietnamese or English or both. Click on the HELP button above for information on how to post messages. If you have suggestions or questions please CONTACT US at admin@vietmessenger.com.
Thank you for joining and we wish you a pleasant stay.

Best regards,
Viet Messenger staff

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date: 11-26-01
time: 19:52:50
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Great site! Very helpful. Keep up the good work!
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date: 12-04-01
time: 02:35:14
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Not Bad, Keep up the great works

Hoàng Dũng
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date: 03-22-02
time: 05:19:32
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yeah! Bluemoon really like this page. Anyways, Blluemoon has difficult time to contact with other members. BM tried to contact them, but got no reply for return. Please help BM. This web is really new to me. Thanks

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date: 03-22-02
time: 05:36:49
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Hello Bluemoon, welcome to vietmessenger.com
When other members see your messages in their message Box they will reply to you. They were probably offline when you sent the messages, or not looking in their message Box.
In the future, we will have IM (instant messenger) so members can contact each other in real time.
Our chat usually gets populated around 6-12 pm pacific time (USA).
Have fun Bluemoon

vm admin

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date: 04-04-02
time: 07:46:19
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Sounds like browser incompatibility, let me see if i can fix this. You must be logging in from school with an old browser ?
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date: 04-17-02
time: 10:10:42
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Now I'm sure it's browser problem
Let me try something different.

vm admin
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date: 04-18-02
time: 07:28:06
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That's because I haven't changed it yet
I'm going to try a different format.

This is the chat rooms selection right @ ?

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date: 05-07-02
time: 13:53:19
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