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 Con Trai "Thí Ghét" Hì...ai ya ya hihihi tinhbuon hihiihi Còn Ser nũa hihi ũng hộ...06-16-02
 Maggie Cheung...TriAm, hihih Vivian Chow di làm thẫm mỹ đó therefore she mới...06-16-02
 Maggie Cheung...hih Tony married roi sao? hinh nhu la chua có married ma Ser hihih...06-16-02
 chao cac banHelloo LinhChily Welcome to VM nhe, and please have and enjoy...05-30-02
 After a long weekendThanks Aron first nhe, hihihih if online BaBi gập Aron and Aron...05-30-02

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