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 Language barthanks07-13-06
 Language barChào, I activated the language bar in window, what do I have to...07-01-06
 hi everyone, I am a new membe...hi. Welcome. 04-28-06
 hanh phucfor me, it's hard to catch fishes in the lake that I like. I've...04-10-06
 hanh phucgood to hear, how old is your daughter? ím 26 and still not married....04-09-06
 help me translate thisChào Cần giúp đỡ dịch chũ này o trong giấy khai sanh. ...11-03-04
 Ti`m chuyện: Tiếng Qụa...thank you HL and Mailfish for trying. tiac gia by Nguyen ngoc ngạn ...09-20-04
 Ti`m chuyện: Tiếng Qụa...cám ơn HL in advance chuyện ma đó09-05-04
 Ti`m chuyện: Tiếng Qụa...Chào Nếu các bạn biết có o đâu or have it, please let...09-04-04
 ???2.12 MB is quite big. bạn có thể làm cai file nhỏ hơn bàng...07-22-04
 W32.blaster.worm last couple...Lindow? Should have name it Door. ...But most softwares need windows...08-22-03
 asdfThat's okay! Sparticus plans to git his second wife 06-19-03
 Girl poemAre you sure it wasn't written by you? 06-18-03
 Mí cô đòi hỏi :P Thì nói với Cô đó, neu muon 5'6'' thi Cô cũng phải...06-09-03
 Adult picturesFair enough, vm adm should have a Female adult Pictures, and a Male...06-04-03
 Lỗi tại cô ấy...thì cái đó đó Tự động bị cúp điện rồi...06-04-03
 Lỗi tại cô ấy....thì cái đó đó 06-03-03
 Hello MissDalatKhông biết "code" của sparticus nghĩa là gì, nhưng có lẽ...05-28-03
 asdfThis kind of stuff happens all the time! Most asian parents are...05-27-03
 Just WonderVợ của Sparticus, có biết Sparticus đang chọc mấy cô...05-26-03
 Just Wondersparticus, are you vietnamese? Most vietnamese people are shy, why...05-25-03
 It's good to be a manya khow, that's why there is a woman and a man in a familỵ If...05-20-03
 Playmate of the month from...LOL! 05-19-03
 TexasHI! welcome to Vmessenger05-14-03
 New Fashion in JapanActually, all the gurls in VN cover their faces now...what's up with...05-10-03
 Bend It Like Beckham...you should be a movie critic First chow yun fat and now this ...05-10-03
 New Fashion in JapanWow! fish, This is the real thing! Is this a new fashion in...05-09-03
 math problẹm, help!!!!hehe, you know what, i had this exact math problem like this 4 years...05-09-03
 Lý lẻ của phụ n...Theo cái hình đó, Fall nghĩ rằng Thường Sơn đang giải...04-28-03
 Will mis yaI just finished my BS. I'm going back to VN tomorrow to visit my...03-23-03
 personality disoders I found this Hey sister! Go sister, soul sister, go sister ...03-19-03
 personality disodersI think I am more onto #3. Schizoid ppl watch out 03-19-03
 nhạc phápthe only french song i heard of is "vous voulez coucher avec moi.."...03-17-03
 New Fashion in Japan...since the japanese skirts are all like that, and if everyone buys...03-12-03
 2 all ! Come & see my pic...1.72 m đâu có cao lắm, cỡ 5' 6''. Fall and my friends are...03-07-03
 2 all ! Come & see my pic...HI! welcome to Vietmessenger 03-07-03
 Chó wĩ sứhihi 03-07-03
 Zhang Yimou's HeroJumping, walking on wall, standing on tree, & flying like a bird...03-07-03
 Con trai nghi gi khi...Đâu có phải cần mua Bikini đi biển, Try nude beach 03-03-03
 A child's perspective on...hehe, I think these kids are right03-01-03
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