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 TOPIC: um..help please[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-26-02
time: 12:52:34
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uh, i new here n mai pic not showin in mai photo. N.ebody here knoe y? and can u help meeh? thanx in advance
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date: 07-26-02
time: 13:57:25
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hello nguoi hihii dung co lo lon um sùm hihihi welcome to VM nhe

your pic fai cho toi admid approved roi moi thấy hình được đó
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date: 07-26-02
time: 21:50:26
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heheh babipig upload pic đi, admin will approve instantly, faster than cooking mì ăn liền á
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date: 07-27-02
time: 18:13:00
total posts: 3

thanx peepz fo helpin out, mai pix showed up now. Well aite den, come hit up mai page if u hab tym aite, leave meeh or message or sumthin n i'll b sho 2 reply. Take kare den y'all. PAYCE!!
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