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date: 08-08-05
time: 18:29:24
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so... i was tech supporting my aunt on the phone , she wanted me to show her how to bookmark a webpage, ok simple enough, i told her just click on bookmark on her browser then click on bookmark this page then click OK... after a long pause i didn't hear a response so i asked her ... did it work aunt ? she said ... yeah it worked but it keeps bookmarking google ....hmmm ??? so i asked her what website she was on and she said she was on the google website, then i asked what page did she want to bookmark .... she replied that she didnt know how to get there she wanted to bookmark it so the browser would take her there ... i was like ... ok maybe i should explain to my aunt a little more about the internet

true story
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date: 08-08-05
time: 19:44:58
total posts: 71

hehe.íts nice to know that �?m not the only computer illiterate person around
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date: 08-09-05
time: 16:49:32
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LMAO! lolzzzzzzzzzz
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