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 TOPIC: Goodbye Internet Explorer, Firefox 1.0 is here! (the

date: 11-25-04
time: 05:55:38
total posts: 1961

tired of having to download upgrade to plug up securty holes in Internet Explorer every other month? worry no more Firefox 1.0 is here. this award winning web vrowser from Mozilla is way superior to Internet Explorer, much faster and of course much more secured. download it now at http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ and trash Internet Explorer FOREVER. don't worry, it will import all your favorites folders and history from Internet Explorer when you install.

the begining of the end of the tyrant Microsoft is near. IBM has started using Linux. Japan and Korea are having their version of Linux in development and will flush the asian market with it by 2006. and of course China has denounced Windows and chose Linux for all their systems. i have been waiting for this day heh heh
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