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 TOPIC: Làm Forum Cho Web[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 03-20-03
time: 13:52:40
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Có ai biết cách nào hay nhất để làm forum cho a web ko vậy ? thanks
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date: 03-20-03
time: 20:10:50
total posts: 695

Trùi tìm đâu xa ....click zô cái banner Ser-ra-phim Web design devp đó hehe
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date: 03-21-03
time: 11:22:28
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bạn có thể nói rỏ hơn được ko ?
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date: 03-29-03
time: 17:16:58
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You can write forum for web using any language with database connection capability, asp, jsp, cgi, php. You can even write forum using flash with a cgi server or flash server. The best way to write forum does not depend on the language that you use, it depends on the developer's creativity.

There are many free forum programs on the net that you can download and use if you don't mind your forum looking like everyone else's
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