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 TOPIC: Hotest food in Japan[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-16-03
time: 19:16:27
total posts: 695

Fà con coi xong đừng có ói à nha...HL hong chiu trách nhiêm lean-up đâu á
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date: 04-16-03
time: 19:30:32
total posts: 1961

ok this is not real, it is a joke right ?
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date: 04-16-03
time: 21:30:43
total posts: 1886

Ghê vậy ??
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date: 04-17-03
time: 05:32:49
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date: 01-13-04
time: 17:47:21
total posts: 601

yeah, hong fai la real đau, tai vi babi có ask some friends who live in Japan, hehehe, but hong biét nguoi ta có khai the true hong nua, scary huh ? human being thiet la scary hehehe, cái gi cung an duoc het
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