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 TOPIC: sex or crème brûlè ?[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 11-20-02
time: 03:42:37
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ok which is better, sex or crème brûlè ?

if you haven't had crème brûlè then go to a french restaurant and order one, it's quite an awsome dessert, if the crust is soft then it's no good, the crust has to be hard so you can break it with the spoon, the wolfgang puck restaurant has a very good crème brûlè
... and if you haven't had sex thì... hihihi.... thì... hihihi
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date: 11-20-02
time: 04:06:23
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Malefish mắc cở wá, thui để ngộ nói tiếp cho hết câu có nghĩa chứ hihihi hoài thì kì wá... "tìm malefish, hehehe nhưng mà womanfish thui á."

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date: 11-21-02
time: 05:06:46
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hehe DNCT it's mailfish not malefish hehe, well ? which is better hở DNCT ? cho bà con học hỏi chút coi hihi
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date: 11-22-02
time: 06:42:16
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i haven't had either one so i don't know which one is better
fish has both thì nói cho bà con biết đi để lotus còn học hỏi nữa chớ hehe
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date: 11-24-02
time: 10:58:22
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heheh lotus, fish ăn crème brûlè gùi, ngon lắm, còn cái kia thì... hihihi.... thì... hihihi hông dám, nhưng fish nghe nói if the crust on the crème brûlè is hard then it is better than sex hihihi

here is the recipe for crème brûlè if anyone wants to try:

makes 6-8 servings

1 quart whipping cream
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbsp vanilla
pinch salt
8 egg yolks
dark brown sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine first 4 ingredients in a heavy saucepan and warm slowly over low heat until the cream is scalded (180-185 degrees), stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, beat yolks in stainless steel bowl until lemon colored. Very slowly pour hot cream into yolks; do not beat or mixture will foam. Pour into a 6-8 cup baking dish or individual 6 oz ramekins. Place in larger baking pan. Fill pan with hot water so water comes halfway up the custard container(s). Bake until knife inserted 1 inch from edge of custard comes out clean (center will be soft) about 25-30 min. Remove custard from water bath and allow to cool. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Preheat broiler. Sift brown sugar to depth of 1/4 inch evenly over top of custard. Place custard under broiler 6-8 inches from heat. Watch care-fully as sugar will melt in 1-2 minutes. Do not let it burn. When sugar is melted, return immediately to refrigerator to stop the cooking. Serve very cold. Crust will hold up 4-6 hours.

Side note: Many chefs use a blowtorch instead of the broiler to do this last step just before serving.
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date: 12-03-02
time: 17:32:01
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Hehe..recipe này toàn đồ bổ ...nếu over cook luyện thành một hạt ..chắc kêu là viagra wá
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