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 TOPIC: Queen Of the Dammned[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 02-28-02
time: 16:16:12
total posts: 601

hahah reallỷ Babi coi rồi đó still ngũ giống như heocon vẩy đó @ tai kỳ vảy ta hehhehehe

Chỉ có mailfish and Aron thấy pretty girls mới ngũ hông được thôi Còn Babi hhu ? still ngũ like heocon heheheh
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date: 03-01-02
time: 05:21:53
total posts: 151

hehe lotus chưa coi this movie yet cho nen hong biết có mất ngủ hay không hehee
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date: 03-01-02
time: 08:29:05
total posts: 1961

fish bypassed this movie last weekend, went to see "Black Hawk Down" instead. Alot of Ann Rice fans boycott Queen Of the Damned for the casting of a black girl in the role of an Egyptian whose skin is supposedly "as white as marble" in the book. Well, that's hollywood for yoụ "Black Hawk Down" is a great movie by the director (Ridley Scott) of Gladiator. It is not recommendded for people with weak heart or weak stomach though. This movie makes Saving Private Ryan look like Bambi
There's not any good movie palying now. People probably have to wait 'til march for "Ice Age" or may for "Spiderman" to catch a decent flick. Or you can go see "The Lord of the Rings" again like fish, for the third time heheh. Now I just can't get that theme song out of my head
Oh, for those who want to know how "The Lord of the Rings" ends and too lazy to read book 2 and book 3 to find out, you can rent the animation "The Return if the King". This movie is quite good and i'ts out on DVD too.
OK, let fish reveal something, one person on the good side will die and one person will un-die... thôi hông nói nữa heheh

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date: 03-06-02
time: 15:12:16
total posts: 601

of course là Aron at dêm hông ngủ được rồi tai vì có người at night thì đi cua girls therefore fải ngủ bang ngay thôi

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date: 03-06-02
time: 15:15:35
total posts: 601

ooopss nói lon hiheihih Aron bang ngày thì ăn bang đêm thì ngủ là đúng rồi Chẳng lẽ hông fai vay sao If not người đó nhất địnhh là cương thi

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