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 TOPIC: Amélie, a French gem[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 01-31-02
time: 17:23:12
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If you are fortunate enough to live in a big city (like me), and if you are lucky enough that an art cinema theater near you happens to play the film "Amélie", you are in for a real treat .
The film follows the life of a shy little girl, from a slightly odd family, into her uneventful adulthood, well almost. Actually everyone in this film is a little odd which makes it such a joy to watch. Amélie, played by Audrey Tautou who reminds me so much of Juliette Binoche, is pretty, good hearted and romantic but she's also too shy and introverted to have any kind of love relationship. So, she is content to have a simple life, enjoying simple pleasures like ... breaking the crust on a crème brulée or standing on top of a building guessing how many people are having orgasm at that precise moment ..hehe I told you this movie is odd. Then one day she sees a very odd (again odd) guy at a train station and isntantly becomes infactuated with him. Will she find the courage to approach him? Will she break her shyness and confess her feelings to him ? Well, you'll have to go see the movie or rent it to find out hehe ...
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet's camera work is strongly influenced by English artist David Hockney, who invented photo collage. The film pieces together like an album of photographs which works quite beautifully. I've only seen this done once before in the film "The Pillow Book" by Peter Greenaway (Australia), another very good film.
Why can't Hollywood make a movie like this? One word, GREED. I can name many good international directors who came to Hollywood and poof went their talent. Hollywood is capable of turning any good director from anywhhere in the world into a mediocre american director like ...Ron Howard hehe . This list includes John Woo (Hong Kong), Luc Besson (France), Paul Verhoeven (Holland) and it goes on ... Where are the great american directors? Coppola? Scorsese?
Anyway, Amélie is great cinema. If you can catch it, don't miss it.
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date: 02-01-02
time: 02:49:28
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Wow sau unfair vậy hả đả sống in the big city and caught good movie toọ Now I have to wait to rent that movie but thanks for the summary heheheee
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date: 02-01-02
time: 21:50:32
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the film sound good Babi want to see this film too Babi love foreign movies that is my favorite.. thanks for the summary tooo
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