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 TOPIC: Irreversible

date: 04-15-03
time: 11:35:40
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The ad in the newspaper read something like : "Thousand have left the theater ....." and the Newsweek magazine called it "...the most walked out movie..." and I told myself : "This film I have got to see"

10 minutes into this film I noticed 2 people got up and walked out, by the end of the film I saw 8 more leaving the theater, not counting the 4 rows behind me which i could not see

this film is shown in reverse sequence : the end first, the begining last, it takes you at least 10-15 nimutes to adjust to it, then if you can convince yourself to stay, you are in for a ride

the story : a beautiful upper class girl (Monica Belluci) finds out that she is pregnant and contemplates her future, on that same night she goes to a party but abruptly leaves after a fight with her boyfriend, on the way home she is brutally raped by a pimp, her boyfriend and ex-husband then scrounge the underworld in search for the rapist, they find him and then ....

I definitely would not recommend this film to anyone, if you have a weak stomach, stay home, if you are not open to stark reality, stay home, if you don't like the french, stay home hehe, but if you think that you are open minded enough you will experience some very innovated film making and of course the lovely Monica Belluci

I first saw Monica Belluci a few years back in Giuseppe Tornatore' s "Maléna", then in "Brotherhood of the Wolves" where she plays the King's whore/assassin wielding a badass fan , I just can't wait to see her in "The Matrix Reloaded"

I would not sit through "Irreversible" again, it is a very disturbing film, but I am very glad that I got to see it once, I can say that I have never seen anything quite like it
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