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 TOPIC: À la folie... pas du tout

date: 04-04-03
time: 06:02:47
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two years ago Audrey Tautou captured the world's heart with her debut in "Amélie", blinking her huge eyes and flashing her adorable smile, this year in "À la folie... pas du tout" (english title: He loves me, he loves me not), she is still as cute as she can be but not so much as sweet, actually not even sweet at all, actually not very nice, actually pretty mean, actually worse than mean, actually down right psychotic hehe

Angélique, a very talented art student has a crush on her neighbor, a young and handsome doctor played by Samuel Le Bihan (Brotherhood of the Wolves), this crush progresses into an affair with the doctor, she constantly showers him with gifts and he promises to leave his wife for her and plans a romantic trip with her to Italy, all is sweet and nice but is this really what is happening ? no, all this is only in the girl's head, the doctor is baffled at all the gifts and love notes he is getting, he does not know who the secret admirer is, the girl begins to get psychotic after the doctor did not show up at the airport, yeah she actually waited for him at the airport to go to Italy, this is how crazy this girl is hehe, she begins to stalk him, runs into his pregnant wife with a moped and causes a miscarriage, and altimately murders one of the doctor's patients, as you watch the movie you keep asking yourself how is it posible that this sweet little angelic girl do all these evil things hehe, well the authorities finally catch up with her and put her in an insane asylum, but is this the end of the movie ? no hehe, am i going to tell you what happens next ? no hehe, you know what you have to do hehe

Audrey Tautou is 1 of the 2 finest european actresses in recent cinéma (the other being Monica Bellucci), she had a movie out last year called "God is good, I'm not" but i regretably missed it, got to find it on DVD
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