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 TOPIC: those idiots in hollywood

date: 03-24-03
time: 06:48:15
total posts: 1961

how in the freaking hell did "Chicago" get the Academy's best picture over "Gangs of NewYork" and "Lord of the Rings 2" ? Chicago is a good movie yes, but it is no great achievement of film making, damn!! is it just me or I am smelling the stinks of "Titanic" again hehe

hold on!! I am not done with my grievances yet , Adrien Brody (The Pianist) won best actor over Michael Caine (The Quiet American) ? over the great Michael Caine ? what were these idiots in hollywood thinking ? were they smoking crack ? hehe

and then, the greatest american director Martin Scorsese got stiffed again, for the third time. Sure Roman Polanski (the winner) did a great job in "The Pianist" which did get on my 10 best films list of last year, but this guy hadn't made a good film since ... "Chinatown", and that was in the 60's ? or was it the 50's ? He is certainly not on the same caliber with Martin Scorsese

and here is the biggest joke of all, the Academy had the nerve to present Peter O'Toole, one of my all time favs, an honorable life time achievement award, after stiffing him 11 times, yes he was nominated 11 times and never won, Peter O'toole of course gracefully declined in short of saying... up your arse (british acent) hahahah

damn!! hollywood sucks, ok I'm done
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