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 TOPIC: The Quiet American

date: 11-30-02
time: 07:43:09
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Michael Caine has proven many times to be one of the best actors alive today. In "The Quiet American" (Người Mỹ Trầm Lặng) he gives yet another outstanding performance.

The movie is set in Vietnam, the year 1952, at the end of French colonial rule and the beginning of American involvement. In the midst of political chaos, Fowler (Michael Caine), an aging opium addict English journalist in love with a beautiful young taxi dancer (gái nhảy) named Phượng (Đỗ Thị Hải Yến), witnesses the change which will result in the long civil war as we know today. Enters Pyle (Brendan Frasier), the gungho American medical aids/CIA undercover who confesses his love to Phượng. She denies him, of course. But upon discovering Fowler's wife's refusal to divorce, which prevents him from marrying her, Phượng goes running into Pyle's arms (women!!). Fowler is very much in distraught and tries to get her back. At the same time Fowler suspects of Pyle's involvement with a self made Vietnamese general, who is responsible for the killings of innocent villagers in the North, and many bombings in Saigon, which he blames on the communists to get CIA fundings. Fowler goes to GET Pyle. I will not say what is going to happen next, sorry hihihi. But I can reveal that at the end Phượng goes back to Fowler. Is it a happy ending ? No. In the end I can not help but feel this deep sadness knowing what was about to become of Vietnam in the next 23 years, and director Phillip Noyce conveys that feeling very well.

The cinematography in this film is quite exellent. It paints a very beautiful image of Vietnam in 1952, strangely french, strangely... gothic. Some scenes are just breathtakingly gorgeous. Michael Caine's acting is of course great, Brendan Frasier and Đỗ Thị Hải Yến are passable. The best line in the movie is when Fowler confesses to Pyle about his feelings for his lover: "I may not be essential to Phượng, but if she ever leaves me, it will be the beginning of my death." This is as good as it gets

"The Quiet American" is only showing in a selected few art houses in big cities, yes I am blessed hihi . Most of you will probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD. This movie is not without flaws but it is still a must see. A perfect movie to take your parents to. I did

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