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 TOPIC: Harry Potter 2 The Chamber Of Secrets[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 11-18-02
time: 04:59:22
total posts: 1961

Harry Potter 2 is Ok, not too bad, some suspense, some mystery, enough special effects to keep you entertained, the elf Dobby is especially cool , if anything, it's worth the money just to see the great Richard Harris' (professor Dumbledore) last performance
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date: 12-03-02
time: 13:39:17
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Richard Harris is a great performer!
Is the movie anything like the novel? better? I hope so ..will go and see it in the next few days
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date: 12-04-02
time: 03:47:10
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fish read that the director followed the book very closely that is why the movie is almost 3 hours long... a bit too long
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