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 TOPIC: Road To Perdition[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-26-02
time: 22:05:38
total posts: 1961

script: poor
directing: poor
acting: Paul Newman > good, Tom Hank > poor, Jude Law > good
cinematography: fair
settings: fair
over all: not a good movie
comments: this is another typical cookie cutter leave your brain at home predictable and grossly pretentious hollywood movie, some critics even tried to compare this movie to The God Father.... NOT EVEN CLOSE
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date: 11-10-02
time: 16:26:23
total posts: 651

Không ngờ phim ở đây chiếu muộn như vậy ... Fish xem từ tháng 7 mà nơi đây mới ra rạp à
Triâm phải công nhận phim này ghê thật ; violent quá . Xem xong Triâm hối hận .... phải chi TA took Fish's advice xem phim khác có lẽ hay hơn
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date: 11-18-02
time: 05:17:27
total posts: 1961

hihi TriÂm, the movie is bad not because it is violent, it's because of bad script and bad directing, the most violent movie fish saw last year was "blackhawk down" and it was also one of the best, of course the oscar overlooked it but what do those bozos in hollywood know hehe, some movies need to be violent to depict life accurately, we live in a horrible world eh ?
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