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 TOPIC: Oceans Eleven[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-09-02
time: 09:27:17
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This movie gets good review from the critics, but I don't much care for George Clooney, Matt Deamon or Julia Roberts. Brad Pitt, though, is a good actor despite his good looks.
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date: 04-18-02
time: 19:25:42
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á trời @ đi coi phim mà hông thèm dụ Babi á thiệt tình

Oh OceanView hay thiet hả @ BAbi có time fai đi coi mới đượ nè Aron Babi believe in you that the movie is good đó nha hihih
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date: 04-21-02
time: 01:12:16
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oh yeah!!
I have watched that movie, too. That's really cool movie,
hihi, George ba?nh là chuyện đương nhiên rùi, He was voted for the first place in Top ten sexy male billboard

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