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 TOPIC: Twilight Saga[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-02-10
time: 23:13:48
total posts: 601

Mói đi coi Twilight Saga. Still have one more part to go. Cant wait for the
Part 4

Coi Hết 3 parts roi

Part 1 Twilight
Part 2 Twilight New Moon
Part 3 Twilight Saga E

Anyone like these kind of movie like I do ? Toan la con nit coi hong a heheeh
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date: 07-03-10
time: 14:04:10
total posts: 1961

hahaha trời phim này chỉ có con gái với con nít coi thôi, pê đê wá
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date: 07-03-10
time: 21:50:22
total posts: 601

Hehehee alot of girls and women coi đó fish, I was kinda surprised to see so many girls and women di coi phim nay, therefore, heheh I didnt feel weird at all or pê đê gì cã

I actually love the movie so much

part 4 se moi fish đi coi together
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date: 05-18-11
time: 02:28:16
total posts: 4

really? there's part 4? or is it just the part 2 of the movie breaking dawn?
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