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 TOPIC: The Forbiden Kingdom[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-18-08
time: 18:27:27
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tell me again why i should spend my hard earned money to see jet li and jackie chan speak bad english ? not to mention bad acting and shitty hollywood production... no thank you
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date: 04-20-08
time: 22:02:32
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Jeez! that why they use sign langues with their hands and legs haha...come on! they're not bad, just getting old. They want to be retire in Hollywood thos, but mistaken to contracts making movie instead dues to bad English speaking hahaha j/k
Oh you don't have to pay. Free but Tiền nào của đó http://www.watch-movies.net/movies/the_forbidden_kingdom/
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date: 04-23-08
time: 16:23:09
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thanks for the link HL

you could almost hear hollywood thinking... ok 2 top asian stars are not going to make us enough money. we've got to put a white kid in there for demographics. now, how are we going to work that white kid into an asian movie.... oh we know, let's steal from another bad asian theme movie "dragon wars" where a white kid goes into a pawnshop and discovers an ancient asian artifact which takes him back in time to an asian country where everyone speaks... english.... yeah that'll work....

the monkey king has 72 manisfestations but i don't think one of them is speaking english hehheh

this is an example of how hollywood takes money from idiot moviegoers by throwing them the same recycled bullshit year after year after year....
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