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 TOPIC: Memmoirs of a Geisha[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 12-20-05
time: 03:03:52
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right off the bat, you have 3 chinese actresses playing the japanese lead roles. already this movie stinks of hollywood. granted Zhang Yiyi, Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh are first rate actors, and Ken Watanabe too. but this reminds me so much of the old days when hollywood used to hire mexicans to play indians in their cowboy movies. like we didn't know the freaking difference. "Memmoirs of a Geisha" the book was written by an american guy. the movie was directed by another american guy, and i don't care if he directed "Chicago" or whatever, you're not going to get your asian experience here. it's like your regular american guy going to a chinese restaurant and ordering fried rice everytime

if you don't know the difference between mexicans and indians you might want to waste your time, but i'll pass
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date: 12-28-05
time: 11:20:52
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The book was really good . I read it a few years back ... I was looking forward to seeing the movie when it come out next year, but now.. hmmm....
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date: 12-31-05
time: 15:31:38
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woa you have to wait til next year to see the movie ha ♫ . i also read the book a couple of years ago, well the first few chapters of it. though very well written it just couldn't keep my interest. maybe i was expecting a samurai jumping out of the fish market or because it was a "chick book" ? i don't know ... i'm reading "The Kite Runner" now, an exellent book.

happy new year everyone
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