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 TOPIC: A Feast For Crows

date: 11-16-05
time: 10:32:43
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After waiting for 4 years "the book" was finally out last week. Off course I got it on day 1 . The first few chapters read slow but by midway through the action starts to pick up and boy does it pick up. You are immersed in the world of Westeros not unlike medival England full of lusty wenches, gallant knights, singing bards, scheming bitches, decaying flesh, severed heads, hanging copses, walking undeads, hooded sorcerers, an overgorwn girl with a sword, and prophesy of dragons (no dwarves though). Like the first 3 books, "A Feast For Crows" ends with a plot twist that leaves you lusting for more. Ahhhhh the book is too damn short. The author promises book 5 will be out next year and he best keeps his words or his readers will take the swords on him heheh .

George R R Martin is truely the Tolkien of our time.
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