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 TOPIC: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-16-05
time: 12:35:53
total posts: 1961

has anyone read it yet ? so who died ? did harry die ?
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date: 07-18-05
time: 08:21:02
total posts: 151

no harry has a girlfriend hehee
i didn't read it either but i heard the interview with the author
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date: 07-18-05
time: 22:16:39
total posts: 1961

oh ? harry is getting his little magic stick polished ? hmmm interesting hihihiih
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date: 07-19-05
time: 12:51:42
total posts: 695

Is this mean he got laid! haha..
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date: 07-20-05
time: 05:28:23
total posts: 1961

HL nghĩ bậy wá man hihihi
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date: 07-21-05
time: 17:17:58
total posts: 651

TA read it ..Dumbledore died
Harry's GF = Ron's sister ...
TA reserved the book since Feb...it's a great book
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date: 07-23-05
time: 10:21:46
total posts: 1961

yeah i thought she would kill off Dumbleđore since Richard Harris, the actor who played him, actually died during the filming of the last movie
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date: 07-27-05
time: 00:33:44
total posts: 253

Móc HP6 dzìa xào đi con cá khô khó ưa heheh


Nếu làm biếng đ�?c giống RM thì lụm mấy file audio này dzìa nghe:

- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/01_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/02_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/03_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/04_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/05_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/06_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/07_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/08_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/09_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/10_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/11_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/12_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/13_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/14_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/15_hphbp.rar
- http://dinhhoa.info/hp6/16_hphbp.rar

Bản dịch tiếng Việt lúc nào đầy đủ RM sẻ post lên phục dzụ anh chị em hé
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date: 07-28-05
time: 06:13:31
total posts: 151

RM làm sau nghe được this files hả . Lotus download rồi mà hong biet program now để mở nghe đước á
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date: 07-29-05
time: 01:36:59
total posts: 253

Đây là file nén dạng RAR, Lotus download winrar để giải nén thành MP3 nha
Have fun
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date: 08-01-05
time: 05:45:20
total posts: 151

Thanks RM nhe
Lotus chờ hong nổi đã lên google and found out that I need to download winrar
And thanks for share with us the audio
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date: 11-22-05
time: 10:07:03
total posts: 1961

hey i didn't know that harry's girlfriend is asian, this is cool

but wait how could ron's sister be asian ? hmmm
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date: 11-29-05
time: 11:17:40
total posts: 71

Ron's sister will be Harry's gf in the Half-Blooded Prince . "The Asian Girl" is Harrýs date in The Goblet of Fire ...the movie is a few books behind.... I saw the movie in VN but it was poor qualitỵ Will have to watch it again once they screen it in Aus
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date: 12-05-05
time: 10:46:58
total posts: 1961

yeah I got the books mixed up, in The Goblet of Fire Harry asked the asian girl to the ball but she turned him down (the little bitch heheh ), then he asked the indian girl. seems like Harry is developing a taste for the eastern spice, that's some potent stuff man
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