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date: 12-01-04
time: 21:53:36
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Thuở xưa ...
Ngày xưa ...
Bác học Bruno
Bước lên giàn hỏa thiêu
Hồn nhiên như dạo phố.
Quay mặt nói với lũ người cuồng nộ,
Quả đất vẫn tròn, sau trước niềm tin
Dù thân này – cát bụi tro than.

Lũ cuồng tín nhất định quả đất vuông
Ông thánh, ông thần phán dạy .
Kẻ nào nói khác đi – quân càn quấy
Tội đồ giữa hỏa thiêu

Ngàn năm sau
Trí tuệ con người, hào quang ngời reo
Bay lên tận mặt trăng
Nhìn xuống
Quả đất chúng ta tròn – bong bóng
Màu xanh thực vật, mát dịu dung nhan.

Thế kỷ Hai Mươi đang đếm bước cuối cùng
có những kẻ còn tôn thờ cuồng tín
truy chụp anh em -- người dị đồng ý kiến
gieo rắc hận thù giữa tai họa đau thương

Những thằng ngu – ba hoa chuyện văn chương
những bọn khùng điên, đòi làm lịch sử
kẻ thất học, mơ giấc mơ lãnh tụ
quân thần nằm chết
lớp bùn đen

Chân lý Bruno – chân lý người hiền
rừng rực hỏa thiêu
nghênh ngang sự thật
ngày nay
con người tung hô, xuyên tạc
trắng đổi đen, xanh đổi đỏ vàng...
nhục nhã thay, ôi kẻ loạn cuồng!



Once upon a time
There lived the Scientist Bruno
Who was forced to death on fire
Mounted a scaffold like he was taking an easy stroll
Facing his executioners, he said:
“The earth is round – It is a faith
I bet on it, by my fate
Over my life in danger.”

The blindly obstinate believers
Contended that the earth was square indeed
After the teaching of their Gods and Spirits
And whoever told the opposite
Would be subject to... fire
Would be burnt alive.

Times and times have passed
Human mind developed its full very fast
This splendor allowed Man to distant Moon
From high above, very soon
To look down and see that our Earth is round
Dressed in her evergreen freshness and velvet clouds

Our 20th Century’s drawing to the end
But still there remain that kind of men
Who charge and label their friends of different thinkings
Who keep on sowing terror, hatred and sufferings
The idiots that tell gossips on Literature
The crazy who want to change History
The uneducated who dream of being leaders
Who press down hard, defame their king and courtiers

Bruno’s truth, the truth of the Wise
Resplendent over fire
Irreversible after Sacrifices
The unwavering Pride
But in the meanwhile
Some guys try to loudly shout and distort
to make white black
blue to yellow to red
How pitiful for them – that kind of true mad.

English version by Y YEN


ON that old day – How could it be neglected?
The scientist Bruno went on to the pyre
As if he was taking a stroll, unaffected;
He re-affirmed to the frenzied abusers of fire:
“The Earth is round, in that Truth I trust
Although my body has to turn into dust!”

The fanatics determined the earth was square
As from their gods and saints they had learned;
Whoever came to say to the contrary to dare
Was consequently ordered to be alive burned!

Man’s intellect develops as life evolves;
The most revered halo he has come to gain:
By flying to the moon he now firmly resolves
The roundness of our Earth like a ball to reign
In the azure universe forever to remain.

Even the 20th century has ended its dominion,
There still are the furious with their choler,
To put labels on others for a different opinion;
Promote hatred; spread misfortune and dolor!

And the idiots about literature to talk hot air;
The fool, insane to fluctuate history’s fate;
The ignorant to dream of a leader’s chair;
All to sully and drown the pillars of the State!

Bruno’s Truth is the very Truth of the Sage,
The Sparkle of Fire, the Pride of Pure Fame,
Whereas today’s vulgar people disparage,
Misrepresent the Good as Bad – What shame!

Translation by THANH-THANH

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