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 TOPIC: Tell Me What To Do[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 11-09-02
time: 12:29:38
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If I kiss you, I'm not gentlemen
If I don't, I'm not a man
If I praise you, You think I'm lying
If I don't, I'm good for nothing
If I agree to all you like, You are abusing
If I don't, I'm not understanding
If I make romance, I'm an "experience man"
If I don't, I'm half a man
If I visit you too offer, You think it's boring
If I don't, you accuse me of double crossing.
If I am well dressed, you say I am a playboy
If I don't, I am a dull boy
If I am jealous, you say it's bad.
If I don't, you think I don't love you
If I attempt a romance, you say I didn't respect you.
If I don't, you think I don't like you.
If I kiss you once in a while, you protess I'm cold.
If I kiss you too many, you yell that I am taking advantage.
If you talk, you want me to listen
If I listen, you want me to talk.

BCG sưu tầm

BCG là new member, rất mong được làm quen với tất cả các bạn, buh byeee

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date: 11-10-02
time: 10:14:49
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hahahahahhahaha!!! wow sao BCG hay quá vạy ...I Like Your Poems!!!! it is so true
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date: 11-11-02
time: 13:47:20
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Welcome. And what you wrote is so true
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date: 11-11-02
time: 17:31:16
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hehehe yeah it's true, but something cung hong có true dó, i think it depend on people on how they think á hihi
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