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 TOPIC: Hold Hands[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 01-20-02
time: 22:18:38
total posts: 601

We could just hold hands
While strolling on the beach
Sand so white
Water tickling out feet.

We could just hold hands
Like star crossed lovers
Not a worry in the world
Because we have each other.

We could just hold hands
A lady and a man
We would never have met
If it was not God's plan.

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chú tiểu
date: 01-21-02
time: 04:13:57
total posts: 96

Bibi đang tương tư đó hả? tâm sự cho chú tiểu nghe đi

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date: 01-23-02
time: 22:04:50
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Chú Tiếu Babi hỏng có tương tư ai hết Chi tương tư Chú Tiếu thôi Sơ chưa ? anh hòa thượng fake

Thanks for the reply nhe fake monk

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chú tiểu
date: 01-25-02
time: 07:12:53
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sợ rùi babipig ui ...chú tiểu vác guốc bỏ chạy híhí ...mà chủ tiểu này là certified and bonified hoà thượng đó nhe ...hỗng có fake đâu

đầu trọc lóc
vóc thầy chùa
sực bánh bao
sao mà fake

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date: 01-26-02
time: 04:27:12
total posts: 1

Would you mind showing me how to write Vietnamese with tonal marks(dau giong).I love to write in Vietnamese but I don't know how to.Thanks.
Antonius Pham
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date: 01-26-02
time: 11:13:53
total posts: 84

Hello Antonius, welcome to Viet Messenger message boards. The standdard for typing vietnamese characters is as below:

a' = á
a` = à
a? = ả
a~ = ã
a. = ạ
a( = ă
a^ = â
o* = ơ
dd = đ

It's a good habit to always type a backlash key or a space infront of a question mark ( ? ) or a period ( . ) at the end of a sentence to escape conversion.
I hope this helps. You can also click on the [HELP] button and the [?] button at the top of the page for more detailed information.

vm admin

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date: 01-26-02
time: 20:54:37
total posts: 601

hihihi Chú Tiếu caí gì mà sục bánh bao ??? Babi cũng suc bánh bao mà cạo đầu, sục bánh bao doesn't mean you are thầy chùa real mà right Chú Tiêu

Hahahahạ. chú tiếu sợ Babi rồi hã hihihihi có thiệt hông đó .. I am so proud of myself đó nha finally fake hòa thưỡng sợ Babi rồi hihihihih

Have a wonderful weekend nhe Thầy Chùa fake

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date: 01-26-02
time: 21:00:31
total posts: 601

Hellooo Antonius Pham

hihihi for Babi vietnamese is hard to write, but once you learn, then it is kind of easy to figure out how to write it.

The admin has already show you how to write it. very simple.. Babi hope you will learn them all

Once again welcome to vietmessenger.. please enjoy yourself in here.... hihihi and good luck on writing vietnamese tonal mark hihihihi


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