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 TOPIC: hard to let go[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 01-03-03
time: 14:45:36
total posts: 102

My bf is back to VN, I am missing so bad
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date: 01-04-03
time: 11:27:00
total posts: 31

hmm.....seems like u don't have any trust in him. Trust and honest is the biggest key in a relationship. If i were you, I would take it easy on him and his x. Don't sweat too much, it might ruin the relationship. And yes, it sound like you are deeply in love wit the guy. hihihihi..later sis...bye
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date: 01-09-03
time: 12:35:27
total posts: 601

hmm sweetie, babi think you should feel like this nè, your baby went away rồi, you will have more free time for yourself , thích làm gì thì làm, thích đi đâu thì đi, be free for a couple days, heheeheheh let's breathhhhhhh freelyyyyyyyyyy heheeheheh
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date: 02-11-03
time: 10:46:22
total posts: 9

hahha babipg xúi bay khong hà . Muon đi đau thi đi muon lam gi thi lam đau co can phai đoi nguoi ta ve vn đau . Giong nhu tui vay nè hihihi
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