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date: 10-18-02
time: 06:50:29
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Wedding reception is always at a Chinese restaurant.
You got a wedding invitation but felt like a funeral
one. You know it's time to pay your due.
It always happens on Holidays that really messes up
all your plans and vacation.
You've gone too many weddings it feels like you got
one every other week.
Your saving is drained out because you've attended too
many of them.
The only people making money from this are those
Chinese restaurant owners.
You came in two hours late but they haven't even
Only Americans or other nationalities would come on
time. And they felt like a fool.
Nobody brings gifts. Only envelopes (with cash or
check) are accepted.
The music is so loud you have to yell to talk to the
Your table is full of strangers. And nobody talks to
The tables are so cramped you feel like sitting on an
crowded airplane.
The real actors or actresses are the parents who're
running the show.
The bride/groom have only limited supporting roles.
And the Oscar goes to.... the parents of course.
The MC can't even remember bride/groom's name. And
neither can you.
It takes half an hour just to introduce family members
on both sides.
You wish their speeches are like the one in English:
Thanks for coming and enjoy the food.
They served 10 dishes but you felt like you haven't
eaten anything.
The food is so predictable and boring that makes your
yesterday leftover looks so good.
It's against the law if a woman tries to get her own
food. She has to wait for her male partner to serve
her. What a nice custom!
For guys It's a crime if they're not serving their
female partners.
By now you should memorize the menu by heart.
There's a half hour intermission between dishes.
Those shark fin soups taste like rubber bands.
By the time you see the fried fish and fried rice you
swear you wanna throw up.
Waiters/waitresses are no where to be found.
Waiters/waitresses treated you like you wouldn't give
them any tips even though they already charged tips up
After dumping the food on the table they quickly
disappeared into the kitchen like a ghost.
They took away dishes even though you haven't touched
the food.
There're two waiters for every 100 people.
You say hello to the bride/groom at the front door and
that's the last time you talk to them or they talk to
you like you never met each other.
Everyone dresses like they're going to a funeral.
Everything is black and gray.
It's 100 degrees outside and you're wearing a suit, a
long sleeve shirt, a tie around your neck.....
You swear you could explode any minute.
The most exciting moment of the night is when the
groom was forced to kiss the bride.
Everyone got so excited and making all kinds of noises
like they never saw someone kissing before.
The bride changes so many clothes as if she is on a
fashion show.
Bride/groom behave like they're on drug or something.
They smile softly, speak politely but their minds are
somewhere else.
Even on the happiest day of their life you rarely see
them laugh.
Except for the bride/groom and mates, average age for
people there is like 60.
The music is as old as people at the wedding.
They sing broken love songs at the wedding. How
thoughtful !
The band playing music like they're working on an
assembly line.
The video light is so bright it almost blinds you.
All of the certain the music stops. Here comes
envelope collector'.
You cou! ldn't help but thinking Apr-15 already?
The whole time there you keep wondering why do you
have to be here just because your parents know their
At the end everyone tries to sneak out like they're
guilty of something.
By the time the MC says good bye, everyone is long
And that was the last time you saw the bride/groom in
your life.
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date: 10-18-02
time: 12:37:43
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heheh sad but true
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date: 10-18-02
time: 16:24:30
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Khá chính xác, nhưng đám cưới nào của Viet hay Hoa cũng vậy thôi !!
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date: 11-01-02
time: 04:08:38
total posts: 57

Very accurate not only for Vietnamese but all Asian ones. Also,

No wine is served, but liquor plus pop for drink because Vietnamese language doesn't have separated word for wine (I don't know other language).

Very sad in this subject!
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date: 11-01-02
time: 07:06:27
total posts: 151

oh lotus chỉ là đọc thấy hây hây cho nên post lên cho members đọc thôi hong ngờ everyone feel sad about it .
Theo lotus nghĩ đó hả làm đám cưới chi cho mệt, chĩ cần hai người dắc nhau đi honey moon là vui vẽ rồi
hong biết lotus ra ý kiến này ai ủng hộ hong há hehe
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date: 11-01-02
time: 09:02:22
total posts: 57

Lotus ui, mấy cái vụ đám cưới rình rang là do mấy người đẹp đòi hỏi chú có ông nào muốn làm như dzậy đâu, phải không bà con thiên hạ tu ở chùa này?

Mấy dám máy râu mà nghe Lotus đề nghị như dzậy là ủng hộ ngay lập tức. Riêng DNCT thì ủng hộ cả 2 tay lẫn 2 chân, nhưng mà Lotus coi chừng bị mấy chị em trong này đòi phanh thây đó à nha.

Mấy cái màn đám cưới của người Á châu nhìn lại thấy funny thiệt đó chớ.


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date: 11-03-02
time: 11:48:31
total posts: 651

Đám cước Á Đông very predicatable ... không vui lắm các bạn nhỉ ? Đúng ra đám cưới là một ngày vui mới phải ...mà người mình lể nghi nhiều quá thành ra hoá ngày cưới thành một ngày "lễ" ...
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date: 11-04-02
time: 16:18:45
total posts: 601

there are a little different between Viet wedding and chinese, but thiệt thì almost the same thing , eat in the restaurant sound cleanner than eat outside around the house or the yard ( like wedding in VN they cook at home and eat at home most of the time)
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date: 11-05-02
time: 08:20:37
total posts: 114

Fall cũng thích wedding ơ VN, where they raised their own cow, kill 'em, and then cook 'em right in their backyard!
..Oh and the palm decoration cũng rất đẹp!!!
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date: 11-05-02
time: 15:11:29
total posts: 192

denhi, nói vậy chưa chắc đúng á denhi . Most of my girl-friends complains about their own weddings. They said it was not their ideas to have a big wedding, it's the thing you have to do because the families on both sides "require" you to have (like if you don't serve them a big meal, they won't let you sleep together as husband and wife hehe) .... So, my point is sometimes it is not the girl's idea to have a big wedding, it's the "party" the groom and the bride have to have so they are officially together ..... I hope you all get my point here

N still want to have my wedding small and managable (heheh if I am going to have one). I don't want to invite people I don't know so well or don't even know at all .... and yet they'd complain how "bad" my wedding was (I hate those people!!!)
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date: 11-05-02
time: 20:11:55
total posts: 695

Hehe.Nicky chưa lấy chồng mà sao rành wá hé ....thường it căp vơ chồng nào complain lắm , tai vì muốn có Weđing ra mắt bà con cho xong cho legally marriage. chỉ cần có cuốn Album đẹp nhiều hình là đươc rùi.. ai ăn gi.. uống gì sỉn hay tỉnh măc kẹ who care....after that.. keke..They on their Honey Moon...do all the Weđing and have watever fun they want....no need phụ dâu phụ dể vướng víu á kaka
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date: 11-06-02
time: 09:51:22
total posts: 151

hehe đám cưới ở VM thì vui hơn nhiều
nhưng mà cái nào cũng cực hết đó specially in US the bride also have to pay for the wedding á hehehe
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