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 TOPIC: Hard to get an answer !!!!!![TO BOTTOM] 

date: 03-24-06
time: 08:21:09
total posts: 2

I sent many messages to VN members concerning a trip in Vietnam, exactly about Saigon and Mekong, I was looking for guide or something this kind! I sent many messages to ladies , who where supposed to live near my goal, why Ladies? Why to have salt , when there's some sugar!!
About this, I must say that I'm married, and with a Viet, so........! I already tested......
I'm very surprised, 'cause I got no answers, so I wonder why???
a) I'm not Viet, so no answer
b) I'm married, so no future
c) People prefer to post model pics, and look at pussy gallery!!

Any way I'll have a nice trip in April !
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date: 03-24-06
time: 08:46:13
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Hello phil75, welcome to viet messenger . With a few dollars in your pocket it won't be hard for you to find a female guide in VN, several even. Your real problem would be fighting them off . I haven't been to VN as an adult so I couldn't help you with the details. Hopefully somebody here will. Have a good trip mate.

P.S. What's wrong with some pussy gallery ? heh heh
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date: 03-24-06
time: 09:05:22
total posts: 2

Thanks Omega;
nothing wrong with pussy gallery; You'd better go to "Conheo", more fun concerning this!!
Im not afraid concerning the trip, I was just curious to speak with people of Saigon, in fact Im already involved with a viet site, photo site exactly, but in Hanoi!!!
thanks for your answer buddy!
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