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date: 02-19-03
time: 15:26:31
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So... I seldom see you.
I need not try to remember
Your eyes... in the darkness, caressing me gently.
Your touch... filling me with joy.
So... I seldom see you.
My memories are the vision into your soul.


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date: 02-21-03
time: 10:49:47
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Each day I looked to the sky for answers.
Seeking the clear comprehension of life
... and always coming away empty.

Each day I sought meaning
on the whispers of the breezes
that swept across my cheek
... and always knew it was only the wind.

Each day I struggled with the concept of purpose.
I questioned my decisions, my goals ...
and my direction.

One day I stopped looking to the sky for answers.

I accepted the sky for what it was:
A magical umbrella sheltering me with golden sunlight
... dancing starlight in my eyes ...
and capturing the imagination of the multitudes.

I stopped seeking meaning on the summer breeze.

Instead I let the wind's whispers carry my troubles away
while caressing my cheek
with their gentle promise of healing.

I set my sights on my spirit
but not where it was heading.

I looked to my soul but not what it sought.
The simple act of letting go taught me a simple truth:

Answers are indeed found in nothing but rainbows.


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date: 02-22-03
time: 17:01:39
total posts: 259


The teardrop holds my world
in its crystallized center.
My fears and years of worrying
nourish its saline depths.
The reflection of yesterday
traces down my cheek.

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