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 TOPIC: Dear Kel's Diary!

date: 10-04-02
time: 20:29:36
total posts: 5

2:30 AM 10/5/2002

Gawsh, It's 2 something and I'm still waiting for T. Oh well, guess he went to sleep. It's my fault, so no blaming him. It's okie. Can't sleep, so decided to stay online... Um... oh lord, MY mind is racing right now, wonder who C was talking about.

12:36 AM 10/5/2002

Dang. what a weird day! First BAD LUCK now WEIRDNESS!
um... I dunno what to say, but I'm S.A.D => Such A Dummy!
T ask me "Why is C so sad these day?" Then I just go ask her. Here are the result:

(Talking through AIM)
A: I'll just give you a summary.. I like someone ( atleast i think i do) and i dont think that person like me but my friend.. seems like movie dont it
A: basically that
A: duh ask who or i'm gonna kil lyou
A: kill*
k: oh...
k: just tell me plz
k: do i know him?
A: i dunno
A: probly i gues
k: phew! hihihi
k: oh....
A: hheeh
k: then how come u be all sad at night? why is that?
A: cuz thats most of the time when he's on.. actually when everyone's on .. but he dont like talk to me as much
A: you no
k: oh.... he's always on?
A: i dunno like when i'm on (which is all the time) he's on
k: are u talking about T?
A: are you crazi
k: hihihi
k: are you?
A: nah sis
A: he's all yours
k: hihihihi
k: oh, then who?who?who?
k: go to our skool?

*** I have a feeling is T, but she said "no." Of course, I should beleved her, but I have been SAD over that before. Like when she say "A: sis.. i'm sad everynight for the heck of it...." That's when I have feeling she's talking about T. I dunno what to think anymore. What a DUMMY I am! Going telling T what she said. What if he like it and think it's true? Dang, I'm so dumb, but he ask and all I could think of doing is answering. DUMMY!

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