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 TOPIC: lost in love[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-22-02
time: 21:10:50
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Today is July 23, 2002. 1:47 PM. Yesterday I thought to myself after I had talk (name). I never can imagine that I would cry over someone that I don't even know how he look like. Today is the day that I have know him for three weeks. Three week ago, I was at home babysitting my little nephew just like every other day. The phone rang, so I went into my room to answer it. It was a guy from a phone company calling asking for my mom. But I know how much my mom hated to talk to the telephone people so I had lie and said she is was not home. He started to asked me how old I was and what was my name. And we started talking. Then that's when (name) had got on the phone and start to flirt with me. I'm a flirty chick so I flirt back. That when everything started to happen. (name) called me everyday. I was the first person he called when he got to work, and the last person he talk to when he get off from work. I remember one time he called me at 3:00AM just to said he miss me. Each day as we both talked, our relationship has grown. I started to talk to him more and my boyfriend less. My boyfriend started to get jealous so I decided it was over for both of us for the good. I didn't want to play my b/f but I also didn't want to end the relationship between me and (name). All of (name) co-worker know me because he would oftenly mention my name to them.His friends tell me that he love me very much. Of course I was happy to hear that. Yesterday I talk to my ex b/f. I can tell that he is really sad by his voice. Today is the day we have broken up for 1 weeks. My x told me that he started to do drugs again, that got me really worry about him. He said that he miss me very much and wanted to go back out with me. I had turn him down because my heart doesn't belong to him anymore. My heart belong to (name). But I never admit it to him. I don't know exactly what I wanted to do now because I really love (name) but I also worry about my x. I didn't want him to go back being a gangsta and stuff. So right now I guess I lost in love. 2:07AM
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date: 07-24-02
time: 19:02:58
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July 24, 2002 11:07 PM. During the last two days, (name) and I been having some problẹm. The problem came from me. It was on Tuesday I had went out with my family, and when I came back home I check my callrer ID and found out that he had call me 17 times. I was so happy! When I talk to him, for some reason I started to get an attitude. I guess it because his manager dare him to flirt with one of his co-worker, he refuse to do it. Somehow I was feeling a little jealous inside. I started to talk to him in a very strange way. He had ask me if I was mad at him. Of course I lie and said I don't care who he flirting with. We decided to end our conversation and I had hang up on him. 5 minute later he had call me back and ask me am I sure that I wasn't mad at him so of course I lie again. I decided to go out with my friends to get my mind off the jealousy thing. When I got home which is 10 something, my mom told me a friend had called me. I know exactly who it was. I take a look at a caller ID and found out that he call me 20 times. Then he had called me and ask me why I didn't picked up the phone. I told him that I went out because I wasn't happy. He ask me why I wasn't happy, I tell him it wasn't his business so he don't need to know. So we hang up again. I had planned to appologize for the way I was acting earlier but I didn't. After we hang up, I talk to his friend. And his friend said that (name) is really mad. Of course, yesterday I didn't get a good night sleep. Today I wasn't home either, I thought he was not gonna call me because he was mad at me. So I decided to went out instead and when I got home, I found out that he called me 5 time. I decided to call him. I was really happy when I hear his voice, but I fell like there is something wrong , so I tell him that if had nothing to said to me then bye. He said Ok and hang up on me. I was really mad and sad. I waited for him to call me back but he never did. When the phone rang I was so happy because I thought it was him, but it was his friend. His friend had said that (name) won't call me anymore because he had call me me so many time but I didn't pick up. Tear was just start rolling my eyes. This is the second time he ahd made me cry. The first time he made me cry was when he said he promise me he won't call me anymore. I told his friend that I had to do something but his friend refuse to let me go. He know that I was crying. (name) had got on the phone and started to talk to me. I was so happy to hear his voice. He was telling not to cry and explain to me everything. He said that he was really worry about me,he didn't even focused on his job and he was so sad . I was so happy to hear that. But I also feel a little embarass for being a cry baby.....12:01AM
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date: 08-21-02
time: 10:49:56
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hi ConNhoDeThuong15
i guess you're only 15 yrs old? Am I right?
anyway, your little story was very cute.
but anyway, have you met this guy, "name"?
anyway, in a relationship, you have to be honest. for instance, if you were mad of your man, you should tell him how u feel about it. or if you want him to do something for you, tell him. and when he does something that you don't like or whatever it is, tell him. you have got to tell him how you feel, and what you think or else he won't know. that's what happened to me, and my relationship was over because i didn't tell my bf how i feel about certain thing.

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