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date: 05-21-03
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A Blonde's Imagination

There was a post-man who had been serving an area for many year before the time of his retirement came. People living along a street in the area liked the post-man for his very good service so they discussed and decided to buy him farewell gifts on his last day of service. That day came, the post-man went from house to house to deliver letters, post-card, parcels… Every time he stopped for delivery, the householders gave him their presents, thanked him for his long excellent work and wished him good time after the retirement. At the gate of the last house on that street he was met by a beautiful blonde. She invited him to come in. Once they got inside, the blonde talked to him with very nice word, offered a delicious breakfast then led him upstairs to her sleeping room. The post-man could not resist so they made love. After a long and passionate game of love, the post-man was led downstairs and behind the table. There the blonde poured a glass of orange juice, she placed the glass on a 1U$ note and push toward him. The post-man was of surprise
- Well - he said - thank you for your breakfast and for that we enjoyed upstairs, but why this 1U$ note?.
The blonde replied
- Hmm, the breakfast and orange juice is my own idea, the rest is my husband's idea.
- How could it be?" - the post-man couldn't believe in what he heard.
- Well - the blonde explained - yesterday I asked my husband what we gave the post-man as a farewell gift on his last day of the service and he said 'Fuck him! Give him a dollar'.

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date: 05-21-03
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welcome to vm tự nguyentran
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date: 05-21-03
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Good one! Becareful what you say to wife
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