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 TOPIC: Happy Birthday to me[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 09-29-02
time: 22:36:51
total posts: 601

Hic Hic Hic
Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday be late Bd to AllWSmile

Chuc AWS them một tuổi and romantic more


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date: 09-30-02
time: 09:47:59
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Happy Birthday to you
I wish you would have a good time,
like wish you a exicting new years.
Being a good person that people
will respect and being proud.
So anyway Chuc Mung Sinh Nhật Vui Vẻ
Good Luck!
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date: 09-30-02
time: 10:44:50
total posts: 259

Happy birthday Babi, may all your dreams and wishes come true nhé. Keep smiling
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date: 09-30-02
time: 11:30:15
total posts: 1886

Happy birthday to you Babi !
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