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 TOPIC: happy birthday...

date: 02-13-04
time: 12:27:44
total posts: 601

Trùi oi, mỗi người nói gì BaBi chã hiểu chút nào, hic hic hic, i think my vietnamese getting worst again , lâu quá hỏng có a chance to speak, read and write, dao này ít chatting, cho nen my vietnamese càng ngày càng tẽ

BN, BaBi hỏng muốn đi tu đâu, life is full of colors, and I dont want my life to be have only two, black and white color đâu, I hope I got what you means BN

Thanks sis TT hihihih yeah lâu quá hông găp, busy quá mà, have so much things need to be done and to be handle, poor me

Happy Valentine các sis and các anh nhe, I have to spend my time in the library again

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