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 TOPIC: new jokes for today: Identical Twins[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 07-19-02
time: 17:42:09
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Dan married one of a pair of identical twin girls. Less than a year later, he was in court filing for a divorce. "OK," the judge said, "Tell the court why you want a divorce."
"Well, your honor," Dan started, "Every once in a while my sister in law would come over for a visit, and because she and my wife are so identical looking, every once in a while I'd end up making love to her by mistake."
"Surely there must be some difference between the two women." the judge said.
"You'd better believe there is a difference, your honor. That's why I want the divorce," he replied.
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date: 07-19-02
time: 17:47:59
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Haha..Good one!
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date: 07-19-02
time: 17:57:45
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Dan... ba trợn

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