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 TOPIC: Telling everyone....

date: 10-03-05
time: 11:54:40
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Sorry nha, đáng lẽ V. dịch ra hết bằng tiếng việt đó, nhưng tại V không có th�?i gian, sắp vào lớp h�?c rùi, còn có 10 phút nữa thôi hà. Nhưng V. biết là m�?i ngư�?i ai cũng gi�?i tiếng Anh hết mà, phải không nè? byee y'all nha

A priest was hearing confession one evening when an elderly gentleman entered
the confessional. “Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I'm 80 years old and
have been faithful to my wife for all of 60 years of our marriage. That all
ended last night when I spent the evening with 2 attractive twins that just
moved into our building.�? “Our God is a merciful God. Tell me, when was your
last confession?�? “Never. I'm Jewish.�? “Then why are you telling me your
confession?�? “Are you kidding? At my age, I'm telling EVERYONE!!�?

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date: 10-05-05
time: 08:24:07
total posts: 1961

khoái nhỉ ... 4 trái đào tiên just imagine hehe heh
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